Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQs - About Study Materials

1. How is Suggi’s Study Materials different from others.

Most of the text books and notes on the subject are written at the level of the teachers, rather than of the students. In some cases, the contents are presented in a simplified manner that does not call for much conceptual understanding of the subject. The study materials provided by Suggi Academy For Learning is written in a style and manner, directed towards meeting the students’ needs and expectations, and showing them how the material is relevant from the subject knowledge and examination point of view. The subject matter is briefed in a simple, concise, and easy-to-understand language with well illustrated sketches and graded numerical problems.

2. Are the study materials sufficient for the specific course subject and exam.

The study material briefs the subject matter in a simple, concise, and easy-to-understand language. However students must not treat this comprehensive material as a substitute for text books, which helps in deeper understanding of the subject. As far as the basic knowledge and fundamental requirements become essential, coupled with scoring good marks in examinations, the study material is sufficient for the specified course and exam.

3. Are the contents of the study materials mapped to the university/board syllabus.

The study materials are strictly written as per the prescribed syllabus of the university/board.

4. How can I purchase Study Materials

Students need to pay the relevant amount through Google pay, Phone pay, Internet banking, or any other modes of payment. After payment, students need to fill the purchase form and submit the same to Suggi Academy For Learning. (Click on Submit, which enables the purchase form automatically reach Suggi Academy For Learning).

5. When can I start using the Study Materials

Once the payment for the study material is confirmed, the student will be allotted a unique ID and password for accessing the study material/s. The user can login and view the contents any number of times; the period of validity is for 6 months (single semester) to 1 year depending on the course. Under circumstanaces, the validity period may be extended to a specific period at free of cost

6. Can I share my user ID and password with my friends.

You cannot and must not share your ID and password with others. Remember that your user ID and password is unique. Suggi Academy for Learning reserves the right to block the contents in case the user ID and password is being shared with any other person/s other than the user. In such a condition, the student must make the payment once again and purchase the contents. New user ID and Password will be alloted.

7. Can I get the hard copy of Study Materials

The study materials are intended for ONLINE reading only.

8. In case if I need to use the study material in next semester, should I purchase the study material again.

The study material is valid for six months (single semester) only, However in case if the student fails in the semester exam, and finds the study material essential for his next exam, request can be made by providing the result sheet of the exam. The validity of the study material will be extended to a further 6 months.

FAQs – About Tutorials

1. How is Suggi’s Online Tutoring different from others.

Teaching methodology at Suggi Academy For Learning is a student-centered approach, and is completely different from the regular class room teaching or any other tutoring centers. Students with diverse abilities, interests, and learning profiles are taught in a way that specifically meets their unique needs and expectations.

2. Can I take Online classes in morning.

Online class timings are usually scheduled in evening batches from 5 PM to 10 PM. Students can choose their slot timings depending on their needs.

3. What should I do if I miss classes in my regular slots.

Under unavoidable circumstances of power failure, system malfunction errors, and medical emergencies, student may request for video sharing on the next day or subsequent days based on his convenience, but strictly before his next class.

4. How can I clear my academic doubts.

Students can clear their doubts related to the subject, either personally contacting the tutor, whatsapp, or video sessions.

5. Can I shift from Online Classes to Offline or vice versa.

Yes, but additional payment requirements if any has to be met by the student. No fees will be reimbursed or adjusted towards any other students admission or other tutoring courses / subjects.

6. Will the entire syllabus be completed.

Courses for High school students are not based on Choice Based System, hence complete syllabus coverage will be given due importance. However Engineering Courses are Choice Based and hence the students will be prepared for all the questions (say 5 questions) that need to be appeared for scoring maximum marks (say 100 marks).